VIB-MMS 12.9/25.9© Moisture Management System

Automatic moisture measurement and water dosage (Option: with scale)


  • Continuous measurement of actual moisture, temperature, hectoliter weight (Option: throughput) of free flowing granular material (e.g. cereals, pulses, etc.)
  • For automatic dosage of the precisely calculated quantity of dampening water
  • Maintaining a constant moisture content in the grain
  • For uniform end products


  • Precise detection of the actual moisture content
  • Accurate measurement of the product throughput performance (Option)
  • Exact dosage of the calculated dampening water quantity
  • User-friendly touch screen with graphic parameter visualization
  • Small space requirement
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel
  • Simple retrofit and installation
  • Dosage of up to 5000 l/h

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